Be the new gentleman

Getting hitched?

1. The Window Shop

Here's the time to determine what you want in terms of style and colour. If you're stuck for ideas, let one of our consultants throw a few your way. In the meantime, have a gander at some of the weddings we've done in the past for some inspiration.

2. The Weigh In

Once you've decided what you and the groomsmen will be wearing on the big day, it'll be time to send your boys in to be sized up (easier said than done, we know). We usually recommend that this occurs roughly 2-3 months out.

3. The Refinement

Everyone is different, so it's likely that your party's outfits will need some fine tuning from our fabric mechanics (seamstresses). Getting pinned up 3-4 weeks out will minimise the impact of any weight fluctuation thanks to lifting or snacking.

4. Check (Yourself) Out

Once we've tailored your outfits, it'll be time for a final fitting to ensure everything is looking its best. Swinging by 7 days before the big day will give us sufficient time to make any final adjustments (if required).

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