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Alterations at Routleys

November 25, 2020
Alterations at Routleys

Alterations at Routleys

Finding the right size garment can sometimes be difficult. Tailored goods, such as suits, sports coats, shirts and trousers, need to be just that, tailored. They require individual attention to ensure that they fit correctly and thus, each tailored garment in your wardrobe should be altered accordingly. Consequently, the family at Routleys have a long and proud history in making their clients feel and look their best, by having their outfits tailored to their individual needs. Each member of the Routleys staff is trained to be able to judge, instruct and make the necessary measurements required in the fitting of all tailored goods.

Routleys continues the practice of well fitting garments with their in-house tailoring service. Having started the amenity of altering goods since we first opened our doors in 1927, in order to offer its clients a superior and seamless menswear experience, our staff has acquired extensive knowledge and skill. Our present alteration staff have a collective 30 years working for Routleys, with prior professional experience. Currently, whilst personally fitting any purchase you make in the store, we are also happy to extend this service to selected goods customers provide for either repair or alteration. Customers can be ‘fitted’ by our approachable and helpful staff at both the Launceston or Hobart shops and our Routleys’ seamstresses in our Launceston workroom then make the required adjustments, before being delivered to your desired location. Whether you have need of substantial alterations, or are looking for some refining touches, you can be rest assured that you will receive the best advice and work from our alteration service.

Sport coats and Jackets

Jacket fit requires a good basis, which is why we suggest that you come into the store to be measured for your suits. However, should they require further adjustments, the sleeves can either be lengthened or shortened, whilst the body of the garment can be tailored accordingly, either through the back seam or side seams. For gentlemen who find the length of their jackets too long, the body may also be taken up to the correct length, in line with the bottom of the seat or the knuckle of your thumb.


Trousers not only need to fit at the waist, but also through the seat and thigh. Whilst not being ‘baggy,’ they should not be so tight as to create horizontal ‘breaks’ around the hip area. Waistbands can be adjusted in or out if necessary, as can the outline of the leg, which can be tapered to your desired silhouette. Of course, your trousers should be altered to the correct length for you!


When fitting a shirt, it is necessary for a foundational fit. The collar should fit properly and furthermore, so should the yoke. The panel that spans across the upper back should finish at the top of your shoulder joint, neither being too long or short of this mark. Adjusting it further requires attention to the sleeve length and body fit. The body may be adjusted two ways, firstly by the addition of ‘darts’ in the back, which reduces fabric at the small of the back, or down the side seams, slimming the garment to a desired shape.

Routleys presents an excellent selection of garments from stalwarts like Boston, Rembrandt, and Eduard Dressler, to contemporary fashion houses such as A Fish Named Fred, Ted Baker, NN07, Bugatti, Daniel Hechter, AT.P.CO and many more. Whether you are into bold designs or classic block colours, be sure to check out our collection, either in store or via our online boutique.