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December 23, 2020

Brand Feature

Steeped in history and instantly recognised as a pillar of the college ‘preppy’ style, GANT began as shirtmakers in New Haven Connecticut by founder Bernard Gantmacher, a young man who left Europe in search of creating his very own ‘American Dream.’

A quintessential staple of GANT’s collection from its inception, the button down collared shirt, is noted for its continued use of several identifiable features, namely, the ‘back collar button’ in order to keep the tie neat under the collar, the ‘locker loop’ above the box pleat, so as to hang the garment and the ‘perfect roll’ of the collar when buttoned down.

In the 1940s, encouraged and assisted by his two sons Marty and Elliot, Bernard expanded GANT Shirtmakers into GANT inc. Surrounded by many of America’s most prestigious universities in the north eastern states, notably YALE in their hometown of New Haven, Marty and Elliot were at the forefront of a developing fashion style, that of the ‘Ivy League’ student. The notion was simple and has continued ever since; to be well dressed, with a balance of sophistication and class, whilst remaining comfortable and casual, fully prepared for whatever the day may offer.

Expanding on their offering, in 1971 GANT moved from solely manufacturing shirts to curating and creating a range of ties, rugby jumpers, pants and much more, evolving into the brand that is renowned to this day. As one of America’s earliest sportswear brands, GANT has continued to offer exceptional quality garments to a now international clientele, whilst remaining true to their original mantra, established when they sold their earliest shirts at the YALE CO-OP store on campus, namely ‘casual-yet-smart.’

Whilst Bernard Gantmacher was in the early stages of creating his shirtmaking business, on the other side of the world, Norman Routley opened his new menswear store for business. Like the Gantmacher’s, the Routley family has continued to strengthen and grow their offering over subsequent generations and has for many years, proudly offered GANT garments to their Australian customers.

Our current GANT collection entirely embraces ‘smart’ and ‘casual,’ with an array of textures, fabrics and colours that will have you feeling as great as you look, ensuring that you possess ‘Ivy League’ class with just a touch of fun! Feel free to check out the latest collection in store or via our Online Boutique, in order to see for yourself how these modern garments are worthy of their illustrious history.