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November 20, 2020

Linen Feature

Linen is as versatile as it is cool in the heat, so as the mercury starts to rise, consider adding a few new ‘heat-combating’ pieces to your wardrobe. Whether it is for your work, special event or casual outfit, linen is the preferable choice for a stylish gent’s summer attire.

A linen shirt, such as one from Gant, Polo Ralph Lauren, The Academy Brand or AT.P.CO, paired with a pair of shorts can see you looking smart and relaxed, whilst heading down to your local café. Similarly, an open neck, block-coloured shirt matched with a chino is a presentable business casual look for the office on those extreme days.

However tempting it may be, you cannot spend the entire summer in shorts. Bearing that in mind, consider a linen trouser as an alternative. Fitting a little looser than a pair of jeans and much lighter in weight, cuff or roll the trouser above the ankle, promoting both airflow and sartorial sophistication. Trousers like these from Daniel Hechter or Ted Baker, can be worn more formally with a loafer or casually with a light coloured sneaker; but remember, keep the sock line below the shoe!

Summer in Australia rolls all events into one big season, Christmas, New Year and inevitably, a wedding or two. Should you find yourself attending a formal event on a scorcher of a day, consider a linen suit, such as by Daniel Hechter, or a sports coat from Rembrandt, allowing you to feel comfortable, whilst also looking the part. Moreover, linen tailored garments can be blended with either wool or cotton, providing you with an extensive selection of fabrics from which to choose.

Routleys has a vast array of linen garments to suit your needs, whether it is crisp and formal or ‘crushed’ casual. Shop either in store or via our online boutique and see how the addition of some linen in your wardrobe can have you looking and feeling cool this summer.