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November 25, 2020

Beach Wear Edit

With an array of trim, tailored and fashionable beachwear now available at Routleys, there is no excuse for letting style standards slide at either the pool or seaside.

Firstly, yes, you absolutely should be wearing shorts. Unless you’re training for the swimming championships, Speedos should not be gracing your Adonis-like figure this summer.

The man to thank for the colourful swim shorts of today is Fred Prysquel. In 1971, Fred found himself on the shores of St. Tropez, attempting to woo the woman he would eventually make his wife. Worried that the Speedo (which was the dominant “style” of the time) was curbing his chances of success, he set about making a pair of trim swim trunks with colourful fabric he acquired during his travels in Africa, as a motoring journalist. His trunks were inspired by the longer, board shorts commonly found amongst the surf scene of SoCal (Southern California).

The vibrant and unprecedented beachwear took off and Fred soon developed his idea into a substantial business. Frank’s swim trunks quickly became synonymous with Riviera-chic, signalling that the wearer was a man of means and most importantly, taste.

A swim trunk will generally possess a cord or elasticated fastening, such that one does not leave the water any less clothed than they went in (unless of course that was your intention). Other common features include double hems, reinforced pockets and stitching, water draining eyelets, and a high quality inner lining that allows water to drain freely. The aforementioned elements ensured a trim, durable and functional trunk just as at home in the surf, as the cocktail bar.

Routleys have excellent swim shorts available from chic stalwarts such as Ralph Lauren and ORTC. Gentlemen, eschew the Speedo and ‘daggy’ dad board shorts and make this summer a stylish one.

If swim shorts aren’t your thing and you’re there more for the sun than the surf, our range of smart shorts are what you’re after. We’ve got everything from the summer wardrobe essentials of Polo Ralph Lauren, to the standout statement pieces from A Fish Named Fred.

While you’re making a splash this summer, don’t forget about your feet; transition from the poolside to the bar in a range of stylish footwear, suitable for your summer flaneuring. Step into a pair of Swims loafers, perfect if you expect to be getting wet – or for something more constructed, a pair of Tommy Hilfiger or Ecco sneakers, especially if you’re there for the atmosphere but not the aquatics!

Now that you’ve got the bottom half covered, you’ll need to pair your shorts and sneakers with something smart, but also functional for the waterside. This will ensure you keep the sun off your shoulders when it gets a little too much and you’ll feel equally comfortable when entering a restaurant with water vista views.

Routleys has a range of polo shirts, casual shirts and T-shirts available, all of which are smart enough to effectively transition you from the diving board to the dinner table, whilst also being soft and breathable enough to ensure that you never sacrifice on comfort. We’re confident that whatever you select from our curated range will be stylish enough that you will be turning poolside heads for all the right reasons! Shop from Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Bugatti, A Fish Named Fred, Gant, AT.P.CO, and more.

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