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The thought of sitting at home reading a book, sitting around a kitchen table with family sharing delectable food and laughter, or staying nice and toasty around a roaring fire, it all makes us feel so warm inside.

The early bite to fresh autumn air has certainly spiked our mood for this winters style guide, or maybe it had something to do with this lovely home we were lucky enough to have an opportunity to spend a day at. With assisted help of a brand new Land Rover - Sport from Neil Buckby Motors, beers from Boekamp distillery, and cheese from Ashgrove cheese factory, the look and feel of Tasmania has never tasted sweeter. Lucy and Stewart, owners of the eclectic Quamby Home, have styled their beautiful country house with the true essence of what Tasmania has to offer, .. oh and did we mention the roaring fire place.

As part of our Routleys winter shoot, we have put together our favourite pieces from all of our collections to make sure you stay comfortable, snug, and looking chic through the cooler months ahead.