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Since 1927 Routleys has been fitting out men in Tasmania for their big day. We have a team ready to style the groom, the father of the groom, the father of the bride and all the groomsmen.

We have the best outfitters to help you in Hobart or Launceston and have a form below to set up a time that suits you to come in for a personal appointment at no cost. Here is some inspiration to help you on your journey.


David Routley


Formal or black tie functions can introduce gents to the more traditional side of tailoring. Dinner suits are traditionally a dark navy blue or black and are finished with a satin lapel, usually in peak or shawl. A dinner shirt differs from a business shirt, due to the use of studs instead of buttons, or the absence of either, in a fly front style. Tradition dictates that the shirt has a ‘bib’ that is either pleated or of a woven marcella or piqué fabric. This is one occasion where convention plays a large role in how your outfit comes together. However, that’s not to say you can’t include individual flair, whilst remaining within the boundaries of formal apparel. Consider a velvet jacket, customarily called a smoking jacket, in deep shades of green, blue and black. Or perhaps you might consider standing out from your groomsmen and channelling the timeless style of James Bond with a white or ivory dinner jacket.

For those who do not wish to stand out from the crowd, or are looking for a more adaptable investment in their next suit, a lounge suit in deep shades of French navy or black may also be appropriate for some formal events. However, be sure to check the invitation. Yes, a black tie is essential, whether it be a bow tie or necktie!

Don’t be afraid to accessorise in order to add a personal finishing touch. A plain white pocket square in your breast pocket, an elegant pair of cufflinks or a new set of shirt studs can be enough to make you stand apart from the crowd and turn a drab outfit into a picture of sartorial elegance.


The milieu of ocean views complement light pastels and linen fabrics. Whilst incorporating your own taste, consider branching out and combining some highlight colours to your outfit. An open neck shirt, whether linen or pure cotton, can be a comfortable choice when standing in the hot summer’s sun.

Not every gent is sold on the idea of wearing a jacket during a summer wedding, especially on the beach. When we feel the sand under our feet, oftentimes our initial reaction is to shed the layers and head straight for the surf! However, resist these temptations on your Wedding Day and instead, bear in mind that you should be looking your best. Show your fiancé that you can dress the part when required and complement your outfit with a light, summery jacket that exudes both casual flair and wedding appropriateness.

Most importantly, you have to feel comfortable whilst you look great, so we recommend loafers or boat shoes that allow you to slip in and out of them with ease throughout the day. Cuffing your trousers and leaving the socks at home, not only assists in the day’s events, but also further enhances your beach aesthetic.


The request for styling garden, outdoor and alternative weddings is on the rise. Reflecting these differing environments and functions, is a more contemporary approach to the ‘traditional’ wedding outfit. Try switching the classic navy reefer and sports trouser combination for chicer options, such as linen sports jacket and cotton chinos.

Themes such as Boho, or Vintage, play a major role in the fabric choice and how the overall outfit comes together. Opting for linens in shirting and jackets can soften your look and can be paired with a knitted tie or linen/cotton bow tie to compliment the overall look. Oftentimes, the choice of shoes that best reflects this aesthetic is either loafers or a pair of low-cut lace boots.

Accessories, such as braces, can personalise the groom and his groomsmen. Moreover, it allows you to add extra touches of colour that can complement the girls’ outfits. Just remember the golden rule, choose either a belt or braces and not both!


The thought of getting married can set many of our minds into a spin; there is so much to organise, on what will likely be, the biggest day of your life. Sometimes, even the thought of having to wear a tie around your neck all day can get you hot under the collar. However, don’t stress! There are options for both you and your groomsmen, which simultaneously make you feel and look great, allowing you to focus on the day.

Starting from the bottom up, we suggest a smart boot, laced or Chelsea, for those who wish for a serviceable pair of shoes, long after the wedding. Not only are they comfortable, they pair nicely with a well cut pair of trousers. Next, we recommend a chino, because it offers a much more sophisticated look than jeans, whilst also being more comfortable than a woollen dress trouser. A sensible choice for the practical man, like the boot, a well-chosen chino can certainly become a longstanding part of your wardrobe.

Whilst knowing that you aren’t necessarily too keen on a tie, the shirt department provides two staple options. The first is an oxford button down collar shirt, which offers neutral colouring in block colours, such as blue and white. This choice provides an unfussy, timeless look and is often best matched with a navy blazer. The second option is a shirt with a printed design, but be careful when selecting print, as you are going to have those wedding photos for life! Select a print that, whilst offering a distinct touch, complements both your overall outfit and that of your fiancé.

The final touch in a smart causal wedding outfit is choosing the correct blazer. Styling for cocktail has very few limitations. Don’t be afraid to select a subtle stripe or check, which can add extra character to your outfit, whilst remaining understated. Again, if you’re thinking about the longevity of your choices, selecting a pure wool jacket in plain accents allows you to dress it up in a variety of different ways. Furthermore, a plain jacket allows you to add a personal touch with accessories, such as pocket squares or a boutonniere. A small splash of colour, that matches the girls’ dresses, is a great way of adding cohesion to the wedding party. Don’t be afraid to play around with a variety of options!


This is a time to explore varying styles and colours before determining what it is you want. If you are not entirely sure where to begin, ask one of our consultants to select an appropriate range of choices and guide you through the process.

Once you have decided what both you and your groomsmen will be wearing on the big day, you can either arrange for a group fitting, or have ‘the boys’ come in to be measured at their leisure. We would recommend commencing this process two to three months prior to the wedding.

Everyone is different; so it is likely that each member of your party may need some fine-tuning from our in-house tailor’s shop. Arranging final measurements three to four weeks beforehand, allows plenty of time whilst also mitigating any weight fluctuations.

When everything has been tailored correctly, the final fitting ensures that everyone is feeling and looking their best. Coming in a week before the big day, allows for sufficient time to make any necessary adjustments and gives our experts the opportunity to appraise the outfits, one last time.

To book an appointment, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!

The Grooms Checklist


The Window Shop

Here's the time to determine what you want in terms of style and colour. If you're stuck for ideas, let one of our consultants throw a few your way


The Weigh in

Once you've decided what you and the groomsmen will be wearing on the big day, it'll be time to send your boys in to be sized up. We usually recommend that this occurs roughly 2-3 months out


The Refinement

Everyone is different, so it's likely that your party's will need some fine tuning from our (seamstresses). Getting pinned up 3-4 weeks out will minimise the impact of any weight fluctuation.


Groom's Final Check

Once we've tailored your outfits, it'll be time for a final fitting to ensure everything is looking its best. Swinging by 7 days before the big day will give us sufficient time to make any final adjustments.